Iron Chariots

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Iron Chariots.gif Iron Chariots
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Status: Active
Language: English
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Main topic: Religion


A counter-apologetics wiki that is meant to provide a thorough resource for responding to theistic arguments. There are many well written articles.

The site requires you to provide an email address in order to edit pages.

Wiki Size: 898 pages see stats...

Examples of Iron Chariots Wiki's perspective:-

We'll be collecting common arguments and providing responses, information and resources to help counter the glut of misinformation and poor arguments which masquerade as "evidence" for religious claims. [1]

This is an atheist wiki (…) Its intent is to promote robust atheist arguments (…) We're here to analyze and respond to issues fairly, and often there is no reason to remain neutral. This site will have an inherent bias toward truth, honesty, reason and reality. [2]

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