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Founded by: Woozle
Status: Active
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Main topic: Politics
Backups: 2014-03-27
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(As of: 2023-06-14)

Issuepedia - "Issuepedia is the encyclopedia of issues, analysis, thought, and opinion. As with Wikipedia, anyone can edit; unlike Wikipedia, we encourage opinions and rants as well as carefully considered analysis and purely factual writing."

Issuepedia is on a deep-dive mission into the facts behind public discourse, and the deceptions that power players use to engineer public sentiment counter to those facts.

We believe that claims of "objectivity" are often a way of dodging responsibility for confronting the powerful. We will take sides, but only because the evidence supports the side we take – and we won't unilaterally endorse any side's positions just because overall we like that side better. In that sense, we will try to be objective about the evidence, and (more importantly) to follow best practices for epistemic inquiry. If any hand that feeds us ever abuses others, we fully intend to bite it.

 — Issuepedia,

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