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Status: Vibrant
Language: German
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Wiki engine: Wikia
Main topic: Star Wars
Backups: 2013-01-30

Jedipedia, das Star Wars-Wiki is a Wiki founded on October 16, 2005 by Premia and Vector. It is the first German-language wiki community building a free encyclopedia of the Star Wars universe, and has over 22,000 articles. It ranks on place 253 of the greatest wikis worldwide, and contains much detailed information about all things about Star Wars and the Expanded Universe. As a fully fan-created encyclopedia, it is not a primary source or a replacement for any official source. Instead, it serves as a fan driven database of Star Wars content for everyone with high quality claims based on official sources.

Wiki Size: 33.609 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 3 info / verify ...

(As of: 19 Oktober 2014)