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Profile of Jimbo Wales in 2005
Jimmy Donal 'Jimbo' Wales
Age: born 7 August
Gender: Male
Other names: Jimbo Wales, Internet guy
Nationality: American
Language(s): English
Residence: London, England, United Kingdom
Home wiki(s): English Wikipedia, Wikia
Editing status: Active
Pers. website: JimmyWales.com
Contact(s): https://Twitter.com/jimmy_wales

Jimmy Donal 'Jimbo' Wales, born 7 August, is an American internet entrepreneur.[1] On 15 January 2001, Wales, together with Larry Sanger, co-founded Wikipedia, now the world's largest internet encyclopedia.[1] Wales is also the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the 'non-profit' Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), itself founded June 2003, which owns and runs Wikipedia and its related sites and projects,[1] totalling nearly 900 wikis. Subsequently, in 2004, Wales, along with his then new business partner Angela Starling, co-founded Wikia, a commercial wiki farm.[1]

Wales is passionate about the 'wiki' format – on his Wikipedia user page, he encourages others to edit his page; in the faith that any of the 2,000 other Wikipedians who monitor his page via their 'watchlists' will revert any 'bad faith' edits. For any editor who is unsure of their own motives, simply ask what would Jimbo do?.

Wales, twice married and twice divorced, now lives in London, United Kingdom. He has been listed one of the '100 Most Influential People' by Time Magazine, and ranked by Forbes Magazine as a 'Web Celeb'.[1]


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