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Status: Dead
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JuggleWiki was a wiki database resource for the hobby of juggling and juggling related information. The site became spammed in 2007, and is now offline (since mid 2011), with the following message on its homepage:

"The IJDb has shut down

After 11 years and 4 days online, the IJDb has shut down. It has been an absolute pleasure to run such a popular website for so long. I'd like to take this opportunity to try to thank the great many people that have helped, encouraged, hosted and inspire. In no particular order, Scott Seltzer, Tarim, Mini, Dave Barnes, Jay Linn, The Void, Luke Burrage, Jon Relf, Jon Kennett, The Void, Nils Cox, Stefan Paridaen, JiBe, Marco Paoletti, Guy Berman, Dani, Masaki Nishikawa, Rafael Porelorti, Matteo Vegetti, and finally a special thank you to Little Paul who has been a great help during the shutdown process."