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el derecho compartido

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Main topic: Law
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Spanish language version of JurisPediael derecho compartido.

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JurisPedia – the shared law — is an encyclopaedic wiki project of academic initiative devoted to worldwide law, legal, and political sciences. JurisPedia participates in the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM). The JurisPedia wiki sites all use the popular MediaWiki software, and their textual contents are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license (CC-BY-NC-SA).

JurisPedia has developed on the initiative of the Équipe de Recherche Informatique et Droit (ERID) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montpellier I in France; the Faculty of Law of the Can Tho University (CTU) in Vietnam; the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen (RUG) in The Netherlands; the team of JURIS at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) in Canada; and the Institute for Law and Informatics at the Saarland University in Germany.

The project is open for co-operation with other partners. Any other teams of researchers or Faculties of Law in the whole world can freely join us.

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