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Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a wiki focusing on the Kingdom Hearts video game series, developed by Square Enix in cooperation with Disney. The wiki will attempt to document all things related to Kingdom Hearts, from element of storyline, gameplay, as well as real-world references.

The site was originally founded on 01 April 2006 by Riku5464 at the Wikia wiki farm. The wiki remained there for many years, until Wikia began imposing features upon its communities. Although the community of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki repeatedly disabled the features, Wikia would not allow the wiki to remove a skin which degraded their content. It became the final straw, leading the wiki to seek private hosting, where they could be free to do whatever they wished. On 09 February 2011, the wiki moved to the site, sparking the creation of the Square Enix Independant Wiki Alliance. Since this time, the community of the KHWiki has strived to be the most professional and official Kingdom Hearts resource in the world.

  • Founders: Porplemontage, KrytenKoro, Neumannz, DoorToNothing
  • Main language: English
Wiki Size: 3,210 pages see stats...

(As of: 2 January 2016)

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