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LessWrong wiki – the wiki exists to support the community blog LessWrong.com and its sister site OvercomingBias.com. It uses MediaWiki wiki engine, with a custom skin.

The wiki is officially deprecated, people are supposed to use this site, the 'Concepts Portal' instead.

About Less Wrong

Thinking and deciding are central to our daily lives. The Less Wrong community aims to gain expertise in how human brains think and decide, so that we can do so more successfully. We use the latest insights from cognitive science, social psychology, probability theory, and decision theory to improve our understanding of how the world works and what we can do to achieve our goals.

Want to know if your doctor's diagnosis is correct? It helps to understand Bayes' Theorem. Want to make a plan for achieving your goals? It helps to know the ways in which we don't know our own desires. Want to make the world a better place? It helps to know about the cognitive bias called 'scope insensitivity', and that some charities are more efficient than others.

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