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Main topic: Liberal
Backups: 2021-11-18
For the fork of Liberapedia hosted by Miraheze, see: Liberapedia (Miraheze).


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Liberapedia was created to parody Conservapedia, and advises that: "most articles should take stereotypical liberal views and distort them to the extreme". Liberapedia includes serious articles as well as parodies, and there is sometimes no clear distinction between the two. Although its stated goal is to be a parody encyclopaedia, the serious content contradicts this.

Originally independently hosted and located at, the founder creator of Liberapedia left the site leaving no active bureaucrats. The remaining sysops struggled to handle the incoming spam, and later moved to a site hosted at Wikia where the new 'founder' is Ajuk.

From its 'about' page
Liberapedia is a wiki that tries to give truthful and accurate information about liberal beliefs, which, as we believe, work better than other points of view. If you feel you can improve Liberapedia — please do. We give what American Liberals and left leaning people worldwide believe is correct. We respect evidence and data that isn't distorted. Feel free to add stuff, and thanks for visiting! Whoever becomes a member on here, please work to keep this site up and running, improve it, keep it guarded.

First founded in February 2007, Liberapedia was intended as a straight answer to the attempts to corrupt the minds of conservatively homeschooled students and others alike. After suffering through stagnation, vandal attacks, administrator abandonment and much more (see Old Liberapedia), this wiki turned into what you see today.

The website is mostly targeted towards high school students, both studying in public schools and being homeschooled. Despite that, anyone is free to participate in contributing to this wiki.

Note on Christianity

Some pages on Liberapedia may seem to attack Christianity. To note, most liberals here don't specifically hate Christianity, but are aggravated towards the fundamentalists' literal view of Christianity and the Bible.

You don't have to be a Conservative to be a Christian; we know that, and we know many Liberal Christians that are working hard to make the world a better place. Liberal Christians may like to edit our articles, but most of us here are liberal freethinkers.

 — Liberapedia: About,

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