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(As of: 10 11 2014)

Libertapedia is "the libertarian encyclopedia". The site, founded in 2004 as by Paul Studier, described itself as a "clearinghouse of useful information for libertarian activists" in the United States, and was intended to facilitate collaboration on real-world campaigns and other projects, but is now segueing to a more encyclopedia-like format. In 2010, it switched from an exclusively Public Domain license to a Public Domain/Creative Commons (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike) hybrid that allows for content to be brought in from Wikipedia. In 2010, a new site owner, Nathan Larson, took over and it was moved to Beginning in 2011, it went down with database errors and was not resurrected until mid-2012. On 19 June 2014, the site was taken down permanently, and on 10 November 2014 was brought back up.

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