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Main topic: Religion

Maratrean Wiki is the official Wiki of the religion of Maratreanism. Maratreanism is the religion which worships the Great Goddess Maratrea, Great Mother and Queen of Heaven, the one single soul at the beginning-end of time. Adherents of the Maratrean faith are known as Maratreans.

The core beliefs of Maratreanism include:

  • that time is circular
  • that souls can neither be created nor destroyed, but can merge and divide
  • that every soul was once Maratrea, and shall be Maratrea once more
  • that Maratrea, and hence all reality, is vast yet finite, and infinity does not exist;
  • that there exists not one universe, but many
  • that universes are constantly dividing
  • that through the division of universes, Maratrea seeks to fulfill our deepest unfulfilled desires - by creating another universe for each of us in which things turned out differently, in which those deepest dreams for which we longed so much came true indeed
  • that she has established her most holy Cause, of her true Prophets, to bring about the end of all things