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My stuff[edit]

Hello, I am new to MediaWiki (January 2006) and so am introducing a bit more WikiWay to it. I enjoy this space! :-)

I began my wiki fascination in January 2002, thanks to Kirk Kitchen and his YpsilantiEyeball wiki for the chance to learn about wiki. I also was mostly with the MeatballWiki community, which I still consider one of my main wiki homes. I also am part of the CommunityWiki crew.

Recently I attended WikiSym where I met Raymond King and John Stanton. We all grooved on the idea I began several years ago SwitchWiki. The original description is at the now defunct YpsilantiEyeball and at MeatBall:OneBigWiki, and the first iteration of it, a flat 26 alphabetical list, resides at WorldWideWiki:SwitchWiki.

I am extremely excited about this project for I see it as a stepping stone to continued SelfOrganization of information.

The idea of a wiki of wikis is recursive to me. Thus I am thinking and working on RecursiveNatureOfWiki as examples of the ideas I am trying to groke. Another fascination of mine are community interactions on wiki. There were a group of us at WikiSym who were interested in this, WikiPractices is what we called it, and the page resides at MeatballWiki.

Even though I have used wiki for over 4 years, there is much I need to learn and hope to strive for the capacity to learn.

Leave me a message - Enjoy! :-)


From the now defunct Whole Wheat Radio, via SparkIt, a cool snippet that I wished worked here:

File:Sparkitchaticon-small.gif Hi! Talk to me

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Mark W. Dilley
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One of the only rules I like: MetaWiki:Don't be a dick

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my time zone:UTC-4
Modern clock chris kemps 01.png My current time is : UTC-4

Work on Template:ActiveWhen, All pages (in Property namespace).

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