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Founded by: Jamie Hari
Status: Vibrant
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: Marvel Entertainment
Backups: 2017-05-11
Wiki size: 202,003 article pages see stats
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Marvel Database is a very large Wikia comics community wiki for the Marvel Comics Database Project.

Database Project Mission Statement: The Database Project is dedicated to amassing the largest collection of Marvel and DC comics information for entertainment and research, organized by fans from around the world.

Welcome to the Database Project, the fastest growing database of comic information. There is no need to login or register to browse around and use our database for your research or entertainment.

Follow the links for more information on any subject such as who we are, what we are all about or frequently asked questions. We are also open about what hardware and software we employ.

You are invited to register and get credit for helping us along in our quest to build our comics database!

A similar project for DC Comics exists at the DC Database.