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Status: Active
Language: English
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Main topic: Men of War

This page describes the Men of War - Wiki in an encyclopedic way.
To read the unencyclopedic version where the site presents itselft, see: here

The Men of War - Wiki is based on a World War II tactic-strategic video-game released in 2009. Since its foundation on the 6th of May in 2009 by Dennis07, the unofficial community-wiki, has about 250 registered users from all over the world: from the US over Europe to Singapore. With currently over 1.500 article pages, the Men of War - Wiki is not the biggest, but also not one of the smallest wikis about video games.

The wiki is predominant in English language, but also pages in other languages (via: InterWiki) also exist. Some later features are for example the wiki chat feature, the new 100mb-websapce-feature which allows to upload more images now and the voluminous help section.

A lot of templates gives the ability to easyly use many complex script-features or pre-written text.