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The Messianic Judaism Wiki exists to provide a special purpose free content encyclopedia about Hebrew Christians, Messianic Jews, and the wider Hebrew Roots movement. But we're more than an encyclopedia of facts: we want to provide genuine value for the community—both for the layman and the serious scholar religious scholar.

We've already uploaded just under 600 biographical articles under a free (CC-BY-SA) license. We seek to update those articles for improved quality, provide extensive bibliographic data, add multimedia, and everything else you might expect. Here on Messianic Judaism Wiki no article is complete without a bibliography or extensive further reading section. This helps scholars, this helps the layman looking for good books on a topic of interest, this promotes Messianic Jewish literacy, and so forth.

You might ask why we'd need an encyclopedia of our own, after all, Messianic Jews are a religious minority (Jews who believe in Jesus) wrapped within a religious minority (wider Judaism) which might suggest we're just too small to warrant an encyclopedia of our own. The fact is that Messianic Judaism is an important movement religiously, sociologically, and historically, and that importance is vastly disproportionate to its actual numbers.

Others might look to Wikipedia as a more appropriate clearinghouse for this information. While it's true Wikipedia has large amounts of information—much of it quite good—it's far from an ideal place to develop a wide body of encyclopedic content related to Messianic Judaism.

Messianic Judaism, even widely defined to include the historical "Primitive Church," generations of historical Hebrew Christians, modern Messianic Judaism and the wider Hebrew Roots movement, is a niche topic. Properly used, Wikipedia makes for a fine general purpose encyclopedia, but sufficiently small niche topics tend to suffer because it's difficult to overcome a perceived lack of notability to a wider audience. As such, the best solution is to have a project dedicated to the task of an authoritative reference on all things Messianic Judaism and optimally license it in such a way that both projects can benefit from each other's work.

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