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(As of: 2017-02-05)

former logo of MetaFilter Wiki from UseMod Wiki era

Originally using the UseMod Wiki wiki engine, MetaFilter Wiki, also known as MeFi Wiki, is a wiki to support the MetaFilter Network Inc community of weblogers. Unfortunately, the original UseMod Wiki site degenerated due to various issues; it ultimately contained miscellaneous content under constant spam attack, so using a captcha (same password for everyone), but no need for a username or individual password. On 3rd September 2007, MetaFilter Wiki moved to use the MediaWiki wiki engine, and when one tries to open one of the former UseMod Wiki urls, an information page titled 'Content lost in 2007' opens with the following text:

"On September 3rd, 2007 the original Wiki UseMod Wiki software that ran MeFi Wiki was replaced with MediaWiki. While there were several reasons for the migration, one major reason was that the version that ran UseMod Wiki suffered from serious spam problems. Due to the way UseMod Wiki discarded older revisions of pages, edits by spammers actually destroyed some of the content on the original wiki."

"Through the efforts of a number of volunteers, most of the former content was preserved, although some was lost forever. If you're looking for something in particular, you might be able to find it at If you ended up here by trying to follow a link to the original wiki from the MetaFilter archives, it's possible that your desired content still lives somewhere in the wiki. Try searching the wiki."
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