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What is the Million Euro Wiki?[edit]

A brand new concept that allows users to participate in an exclusive micro-economy. If you purchase a word, you will become the pageowner for a one time fee of €75 (or $100) and the page is yours for as long as you want. You have the right to sell your page for a profit at any time and we promise we will not ask you for any commission on it. Page owners are able to setup an online business on their page and benefit from being part of a community that works as a team to bring in traffic and revenue.

What kind of business can you setup?[edit]

Just about anything! With the ongoing promotions and advertisement we provide for the site, you're guaranteed exposure to our visitors. You can place your Google advertising on your page, offer paid assistance to other page owners, get extra links to your main site thus increasing your ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages). To maintain a high quality of the community, we do not allow adult content. This is a family friendly Wiki!

Who created the Million Euro Wiki?[edit]

All credit goes to Graham Langdon, owner of the Million Dollar Wiki, for creating the first paid wiki. We recognized the huge potential of his idea and are now offering you the chance to setup your own page with us if you missed out on one of the premium words on the Million Dollar Wiki. Premium words that will most likely become extremely valuable in due time and which you can sell for a good profit. Consider it a highly rewarding investment with a nominal one time fee.

Is it hard to setup a page?[edit]

Not at all! The wiki system was developed so that just about anyone that can write is able to create their own page. There's an automated editor with buttons that will help you with formatting like bold text, links and adding pictures. Have a look at the Edit Help Pages. If you have a special request or are stuck with something, we're here to help you out via the forums, email or even instant messaging!

So can I just buy any word I want?[edit]

Almost! As long as it's an existing word, not a copyrighted brand name (Unless you own the brand, you can then buy the page, but at a slightly higher cost than the non copyrighted words) and no profanity, slur or racism is allowed. This is all to ensure the quality of this wiki will remain at a high standard for all our page owners.

How do I get on the front page as a "Featured Page"?[edit]

We will place your page on the cover of Million Euro Wiki for just $10 per day. All you need to do is provide us with a 260x238 image and we'll hook you up right away. Email us at support at

Do you think this project is going to be a success?[edit]

Without a doubt. The Million Dollar Wiki has already proven that this is a fantastic business concept that can profit everyone that participates. Your one time fee investment is but a small investment in your potential revenue.

I'd like to ask you something else.[edit]

No problem, like stated before, we are available for help via our forums, email [support at] or instant messaging. We're more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding the Million Euro Wiki!