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Language: German
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Main topic: Comics

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(As of: 2017)


MosaPedia is a Wiki about the (former East-)German Comicbook Mosaik. The Mosaik is the oldest still running Comicbook in Germany. The Heroes of the Mosaik are the Digedags, i.e. Dig, Dag and Digedag (from 1955 until 1975), and the Abrafaxe, i.e. Abrax, Brabax and Califax (from 1976 onwards) respectively.

To this date there are nearly 600 issues in more than 50 years of Mosaik history; additionally there are some graphic novels, lots of comic-strips in Newspapers, a fair amount of secondary literature and last but not least a movie.

The language of this Wiki is of course German.


Herzlich willkommen in der MosaPedia, der großen Mosaik-Enzyklopädie im Internet! Hier werden alle Informationen rund um Digedags und Abrafaxe gesammelt: Hefte, Figuren, Schauplätze, Alben, Zeitungsveröffentlichungen, Artikel, Mitarbeiter, Fanclubs...