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Motorola Q Wiki
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The Motorola Q Wiki, also known as the Moto Q Wiki,[1] and MOTO Q Wiki, is a former wiki site about the Motorola Q; a Windows-based mobile phone and e-mail device that fits in your pocket. Fully tricked-out, it can duplicate many of the functions of a computer, including M$ document processing, handling business and personal e-mail, accessing the internet, playing music and more.

Because the possible applications for the MOTO Q will always expand, the 'ideal" user guide would also be able to grow and change. This wiki is an attempt to do that. It's a place to capture and share the knowledge of the greater community of MOTO Q users. If, for example, you have added a new application to your MOTO Q, you could post instructions on how you did it here, for the benefit of all MOTO Q users.

This site has been established by Motorola for the use of MOTO Q users. It has been seeded with the contents of the in-box user guide. Additional content will be provided by MOTO Q users as they explore the MOTO Q's capabilities.

Wiki site dead since mid-2009.