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Nemo bis is a user who is primarily active in the Meta-Wiki, and MediaWiki developer communities in general. He has been an advocate for adding functionality that would enable MediaWiki to inform users of changes to their watchlisted pages, as a way of keeping them engaged. His sysop work at Meta-Wiki involved such matters as undoing preventive protections. His sysop rights were removed after, on numerous occasions, users objected to his actions, and he defended his behavior as reasonable rather than apologizing.

In that desysoping discussion, Billinghurst remarked, "on the balance that the work being done by Nemo_bis with his administrative bit clearly outweighs the original premise of the argument to bit remove. This situation resulted in injury, no forced decision, and was quickly undone by the community. I can see that Nemo Bis has undertaken acts that have clearly have people in dispute, and I believe that some of the actions take were both ill-conceived and somewhat mishandled. That said I would like to see Nemo bis voluntarily move aside from those contentious areas with their tool at meta. I don't expect perfection from admins, and when mistakes occur, an acknowledgement should follow, and identifying a means to a better outcome next time around. For those who live their life baying for blood around this and other sites, with their intense effort to bring down all and sundry ... get a grip, pick up your halos and go elsewhere for your jollies."

Fae remarked, "Thank you for your good works and your passion for the goals of our movement. I'm sorry to see the results of sticking your head above the parapet enacted. I am only too keenly aware that if this happens too often, everything interesting will happen out of sight, which would be a sad outcome for our shared values of openness."