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Network italiano wiki indipendenti Nintendo
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(NIWA Network – Italian)
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Network italiano wiki indipendenti Nintendo, (NiwiN), is a network of wiki sites and their associated websites, all written in Italian, that aims to chronicle all things Nintendo, supporting wikis independent of large corporate wiki groups or organisations such as Wikia. It is the Italian section of Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), also known as the NIWA Network.

All NIWA Network wikis are independently owned and operated, and separately hosted. Individually, they maintain their own unique design, core values, and established traditions.[1]



It was founded originally as Progetto Niwit on 26 January 2018 by Super Mario Wiki and Pokémon Central Wiki.


There are currently four members of NiwiN; Super Mario Wiki, Pokémon Central Wiki, WikiBound, and Xenopedia.


The name Progetto Niwit was temporary. It was considered originally that with only two members to be part of it, and with the absence of a wiki dedicated to Zelda, third pillar of the Nintendo series, one could not speak of an Italian alliance of encyclopaedias, as much as a project. Therefore, it was decided to make the logo of the project more personal by inserting the symbols of the two franchises it then currently represented.

With the induction of WikiBound and Xenopedia in January 2019, the logo and name was changed to NiwiN. The new logo is of an octopus that symbolises the partnership of the alliance, with the 'iwi' part being the body, and the N's resembling tentacles. The idea is for each member to be a living tentacle of the octopus.


The content contained on the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) website is copyright. It goes on to state:[2]

NIWA is in no way associated with Nintendo. In places where copyrighted Nintendo content is presented we do so with fair terms of use, whereby it is not used commercially for gain and where it does not impede Nintendo's right to sell the depicted material.

Furthermore the member wikis of NIWA are not bound by a single license. Therefore please refer to the individual wikis for their licensing and content duplication policies.


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