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Main topic: Ontology

OBI Wiki was a former wiki for the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) project is developing an integrated .owl ontology for the description of biological and medical experiments and investigations. This wiki site is primarily designed for use by OBI Developers to capture, list and discuss ontology engineering methods and design principles. For the official public view of the project, please visit the OBI Sourceforge site - where a more detailed description of the general motivation behind OBI can be found. OBI is an OBO Foundry ontology and ontology development is guided by and follows the OBO Foundry principles.

The wiki was orginally located at (now a dead link, with no links). The wiki has been moved to its own domain at sometime early 2009. It uses MediaWiki with a custom skin.

Wiki size: 128 article pages see stats
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(As of: 28 December 2012)