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Language: English
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Main topic: Operating system
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(As of: 11 November 2012)

Many people are interested in the process of creating a new operating system. Many people have interesting ideas for improving operating systems. Quite a few people have a brand new embedded system dropped in their lap which, due to "improvements", won't boot an off-the-shelf operating system, and they need help getting software running on it.

The OSDev.org wiki gives these people a place to collaborate on building new operating systems, to document technical details and useful tips and ideas for operating system development.

The registering process is a bit unusual — when you click the standard "log in / create account" in the upper-right corner, it takes you to a page that says "Click here to create an account." which takes to you a phpBB forum (!). You need to register at the phpBB forum, join its "wiki" group, then come back to the wiki, which will let you log in with the same password.

The wiki is backed up every week to a downloadable archive zip file. Any content published on the wiki since 2011 must comply with Public Domain licensing. [1] Prior to this, a somewhat haphazard licensing existed; and included Public Domain, BSD, Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licenses, and these still seem to stand (on an ad-hoc basis) for content before 2011. [2]

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