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obfwiki, aka
Orthodox Bahá'í Faith Wiki Space

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Status: Dead
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obfwiki, also known as Orthodox Bahá'í Faith Wiki Space, was a wiki site about the orthodox version of the Baha'i faith, known as the Orthodox Bahá'í Faith (OBF). Editing was locked to prevent 'fanatics' from "not letting the truth about the faith be told". It has been dormant since mid-2008, and is now dead, as a result of the closure of Wikispaces.

This is the on-line encyclopedia for the Orthodox Bahá'í Faith. Only authorized users (members of the OBF) may edit these pages. Sorry, but this made necessary because there are fanatical people who will not let the truth about the Faith be told. The explanations about the OBF set forth in the online Wikpedia site are inaccurate and dominated by those who wish to distort the truth.

The Orthodox Bahá'í Faith is an independent world religion. The word 'orthodox' is a temporary designation intended to distinguish the faithful Bahá'ís from those who have strayed from the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh (those whose organizations are presently headquartered in Wilmette, Illinois, and Haifa, Israel). The word 'orthodox' connotes the fact that they faithfully adhere to the original teachings of the Faith. The primary difference is that the OBF recognizes and obeys the Guardian of the Cause, Joel B. Marangella. The other group believes that the Guardianship ended with the death of the first Guardian, Shoghi Effendi.

The central teachings of the Faith are the oneness of God, religion and humanity. The OBF believe that God's Religion is a continuous and progressive process of revelation, and all of the great world religions come from God. Each religion carries the spiritual and social teachings in successive stages according to the capacity and needs of the people to whom it was revealed. Today, the Bahá'í Revelation teaches the spiritual and social principles needed by humanity for this Day.

The OBF is striving to bring about world unity and peace, and to eliminate hatred and prejudices. The Bahá'í Teachings all revolve around this mission, and the institutions of the Orthodox Bahá'í Faith that are being established are all designed to institute a united world community, to promote concord and unity between the peoples of the world, and to establish a just peace and orderly progress in society.

 — obfwiki, https://web.Archive.org/web/20130423093319/http://obfwiki.Wikispaces.com/