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Olivier Auber, February 2006
Olivier Auber
Age: 55 (in 2016)
Gender: Male
Other names: OlivierAuber
Nationality: French
Language(s): French, English
Residence: Paris, France
Home wiki(s): ANOPTIQUE, Km2Wiki, Notre Constitution, Crao Wiki, WikiArtLibre
Editing status:
Pers. website:
Contact(s): leave me a message !
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Olivier Auber caricature
Olivier Auber avatar

55 (in 2016), Paris, France, fan of wikis.

Co-founder of ANOPTIQUE / ANOPTIQUE (Free Tools for Collective Intelligence)

Co-founder of A H Cultural Lab / Km2Wiki (ProjectWiki of A H)

Co-founder of Navidis (interactive maps)

Co-founder of Notre Constitution

Contributor of Crao Wiki, WikiArtLibre...

Currently working on:

leave me a message !