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(Page count as of: 2020-03-14) Omni Commons, is a community wiki for a collective housing group in Oakland, California, United States. There are nine non-profits represented by the collective:

  • Chiapas Support Committee supports autonomous health care and education in Zapatista communities.
  • Counter Culture Labs is a citizen science and DIYbio space that is open sourcing biology.
  • Food Not Bombs has been bringing free food to parks, political events, neighborhood gatherings, and social centers since 1991.
  • FYE is a creative coalition and collaborative platform specializing in Space Activation, Event Curation, Workshops & Pop-Ups
  • Global Women's Strike - Omni Collective is an international network working toward the return of military spending to the community starting with women, the main caregivers everywhere.
  • Liberated Lens is a radical film & video collective dedicated to social change.
  • Phat Beets is a food justice group building farmers markets and gardens in North Oakland.
  • Sudo Room is a place to build, learn, reclaim technology for the people, and create alternatives to the tech industry
  • The Village is creating autonomous encampments on public and private land in Oakland.