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(As of: 2013-06-17 –

"OpenAerialMap (OAM) is a non-profit, open access meeting place for the aerial imaging community. It exists to provide a freely available global image map of the world created solely by community contribution, and to facilitate the free exchange of imagery, technology, and ideas. In order to provide an unrestricted, free, an unbiased view of the world, OpenAerialMap encourages the free exchange of imagery, without restriction on its use."

"OAM-Wiki is intended to be the knowledge base for the OpenAerialMap community. Contribute your knowledge about imagery, platforms, sensors, image processing, legislation, or anything else the aerial mapping community needs to know. Contribute information about anything relevant to the imaging or OpenAerialMap Community."

The Open Aerial Map architecture is based on distributed services and user contributed content. OAM will implement international geospatial and W3C standards in order to create a scalable, interoperable and open source system.

Only free data will be available and publishable through OAM. The map will consist of user contributed imagery collected with traditional remote sensing systems (satellites and aircrafts) and newly developed low cost aerial imaging systems (small sensor mounted on UAVs, remote controlled planes, blimps, kites, etc).

In line with the concept of OpenStreetMap, OAM aims to create, display, and distribute free geographic data that will be available in geospatial formats, as static images, and through an API.

The OpenAerialMap wiki site (and its primary website) has been offline since late 2013. A related OAM project is hosted on GitHub.