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(As of: 2012-06-11 –

OpenGlobe was a volunteer-driven citizen journalism website dedicated to the production of relevant and unbiased news under a free license. It is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit it, including you; submitted articles are reviewed by trusted users for neutrality and accuracy before going live.

Who are we?

OpenGlobe is a citizen journalism project dedicated to the production of relevant and unbiased news under a free license, where reporters are normal people like you, not paid journalists. Everyone is welcome to contribute, regardless of background or experience.

Our stories are unbiased and act as a platform for intelligent, serious news reporting and discussion. We especially encourage first-hand reporting, where contributors act as primary sources and get the news from 'on the ground'.

This model gives us an advantage over existing citizen journalism websites, many of which function as blogs or hyperlocal sources that don't provide a comprehensive outlook on the global situation. OpenGlobe's contributors - all of whom volunteer their time to write for the project - come from all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Oceania, ensuring a truly global viewpoint on the news.

OpenGlobe also strives to develop a team of informed reporters and writers who are dedicated to covering the news on a regular basis. By increasing participation in the media - by putting the pen in regular people's hands, rather than the hands of multinational corporations - OpenGlobe hopes to build a global community of knowledgeable, empowered citizens committed to free information and neutral media.

What makes us different?

OpenGlobe is a not-for-profit organisation. We have no incentive to promote any point of view; our goal is to make knowledge freely available and help people think for themselves, rather than telling them what to think. OpenGlobe helps to ensure that the internet and online news remain free.

To this end, we do not accept editorials, press releases, unsubstantiated rumours, or articles heavily promoting any opinion. If you wish to advertise or share your point of view with the world, consider setting up a blog; there are many other services that will better serve your needs.

All text content on the site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which means that anyone is free to use and modify OpenGlobe's articles for any purpose - including commercially - as long as credit is given. Most media (images and video) on OpenGlobe are available under various free licenses.

Authors can choose to receive credit for articles they write in the form of a byline (under the understanding that other contributors can modify their work), but this right can also be waived if you'd rather not make your real name available online; we'll still give you credit by your username (or numerical IP address, if you don't have an account) in the page history.

Our articles have been featured on the front page of Google News in various countries, such as Ethiopia and Tanzania, thus spreading free knowledge across the globe. We have also been the top Google News listing for the topic of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for our in-depth, unbiased coverage of the bill.

By covering stories overlooked by the mainstream media - an advantage of our volunteer-based model and non-profit nature - OpenGlobe aims to further democracy and provide a neutral point of view by offering an alternative to biased commercial news sources. An example of this principle in action would be our coverage of the NDAA, and of lesser-known US presidential candidates. We also pride ourselves on our coverage of stories from regions often overlooked by English-language media, including South America and central Africa.

How can you help?

Unlike the vast majority of mainstream media sources, you can directly contribute to OpenGlobe. Do you want to bring the public's attention to under-reported events? Are you tired of the mainstream media's superficial reporting and bias? Do you think journalism can be better? If so, OpenGlobe is for you!

All our articles undergo a thorough review by a trusted community member before publication, and are listed on Google News. This review process, while thorough, is highly streamlined, and works to get the news out as soon as possible while maintaining quality.