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Status: Vibrant
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Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Maps
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(As of: 16 May 2014)

The OpenStreetMap Wiki (OSM Wiki) is a very active wiki supporting the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. The wiki has project documentation for the main OpenStreetMap server software and also for the myriad of other open source offerings in and around the project, and branching out to document many geo-technologies in general (but mainly from an OpenStreetMap perspective).

OpenStreetMap itself is a project to do with maps, but interestingly it is applying wiki principles to map making. You can consider it essentially one big wiki with a single document—a map of the world. Contributors can view the map and then move across to the edit tab and edit the map! The OSM project is modelled on Wikipedia, and like Wikipedia, is overseen by a not-for-profit foundation, and releases all of this map data with an open license; namely the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license (CC BY-SA 2.0). With over 300,000 registered users, it's a very active community of map makers.

The map itself has special information about wheelchair ramp accessibility and bicycling lanes and pathways.

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