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Main topic: Sustainability

"Openvirgle is an effort by an increasing number of people to create ideas and ways in which humankind can live sustainably in space using free and open source technology. This project is a place for all space enthusiasts to cooperate on simulations of space settlements. Rather than argue whether L5 or Mars or the asteroids or the Moon or the rings of Saturn should be humankind's first space settlement, we could be asking what is common between those efforts so that that groundwork can be shared."

OSCOMAK stands for "OSCOMAK Semantic Community On Manufactured Artifacts and Know-how".

There is a related project on Google - Openvirgle - Simulations of space habitats and a related knowledgebase and tools.

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hardware sustainability Universe Space problem-solving scenario planning
Solar energy Satellites Structural Engineering manufacturing design engineering
environment how to brainstorming building colonization
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