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(As of: 2014-09-19)

As of 22nd December the wiki will be offline as we are moving to a new server.

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The Ostrobe Country Wiki is a geofiction wiki about a country in the northern coast of Germany and the west coast of Denmark. The main description is:

Ostrobe, officialy the Kingdom of Ostrobe, is an fictional island nation in the east of the North Sea, consisting of Ostrobe Island and Rhode Island. Ostrobe is a sovereigen constituonal and parlementary monarchy. The capital is Treien.

The first settlers, from Germany entered Ostrobe in stone age times. The nation evolved from being part of the German and French tribe into an monarchy under King Ostor, who was succeeded by his descendants. Over the years, it had developed.

During 1990 and 2005 democratization ocured and this was the last country in the world that finished democratization. In 1995, Ostrobe joined the European Union and changed its currency to Euro in 1999 and 2002, replacing the old Monnies. Since 2006, there has been a Ostrobe Reform to vote for Prime Minster. Ostrobe is one of the worlds most devloped countries.

It has a meduim-sized economy. Ostrobe is known as high educated nation with the average IQ of 110, the highest in the world. Ostrobe has 16,756,766 people and ranked 64th. The main economic partners consist of the United States, European Union, Japan and Australia as bunch of others.