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Main topic: Innovation


With the Internet, new communication systems and social behaviours have emerged. Users are not only content consumers but have become content producers and publishers (e.g. blogs); software systems are renewing and taking the place of traditional communication and broadcast/publishing networks (e.g. IM, P2P); innovation processes have evolved and users are now active actors in designing and implementing systems (e.g. free software movement).

This bottom- up revolution and paradigm shift, recently acknowledged as Web 2.0, is challenging content and communication industry. Mass media are overtaken by social media: software let people use their social links to create and share content. As social media is mostly user innovated, France Telecom R&D would like to join an initiative aiming to empower a large community of developers, academic labs, corporate R&D and users.

Overcrowded is the place where we hope this project will grow up.