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Les Orchard

A wiki related to software and projects such as :

  • DecafbadNewsRiver, an enhancement tool for NewsRiver
  • FeedMagick, RSS/Atom feed manipulations
  • FeedSpool, simplified syndication feed poller and spooler
  • HackingFeeds, syndication feed hacking at hackingfeeds.com
  • Hacking RSS and Atom, the book
  • Micronian, experimental microformat-based wiki
  • OpmlServer, a standalone PHP-based OPML Community Server
  • S3Ajax, An AJAX wrapper package for Amazon S3
  • XSLScraper, use XSL to scrape RSS and Atom feeds from web pages
  • XoxoOutliner, a microformat and browser based outliner

Old wiki at http://www.decafbad.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome