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The Pataphysics Wikia is an encyclopedia of pataphysics, an absurd theory created by a French writer A Jarry. Famous writers such as Queneau and Prevert are well known pataphysicists. Pataphysics is the sciences of imaginary solutions. It is also the tangled relationship between poetry, sciences and critical thinking, developed in the early 20th century. Alfred Jarry was a Satrape of Highest Munificense, instrumental in creating "les statuts du college de Pataphysique ", along with Clair, Vian. First mentionned as a chapter in a poem, le Linteau, in Minutes des sables memorial (A Jarry). Then really elaborated in Le docteur Faustroll ( A Jarry) . Too remember: First amendment: Les statuts du college de Pataphysique sont pataphysiques. La pataphysique est la sciences, et la science est inexhaustible

Some of the Chairs of the College: 

a) Pataphysique Générale et Dialectique des Sciences Inutiles b) Pataphysique Appliquée. Blablabla et Matéologie i) Vélocipédologie, Ocupodonomie et Sidérodromanie l) Érotique et Pornosophie

Absolu, Haha, As, Sable, Décervelage, Gueules, Pédale, Clinamen, Palotin, Merdre, Gidouille (29 jours), Tatane, Phalle are the months of the college calendar.
Other famous Satrapes and chairmen:  Baudrillard, Dubuffet,  Rene Clair,  Marcel Duchamp

To see the Painting: au rendez vous du corps des Satrapes by Andres Onna ( Dadaism period)