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Main topic: Philosophy


Philosopedia's mission is two-fold:

  • Its major purpose is to provide an academic resource for those whose interest is "thinking about thinking," a phrase that is a basic definition of philosophy. In short, Philosopedia is a reference work about academic philosophy.
The academic subject of philosophy comprises
  • aesthetics,
  • epistemology,
  • ethics,
  • logic, and
  • metaphysics.
Terms relating to those five subjects will be found as will the names of noted individuals who have explained what the subjects have meant to them, resulting in wide differences of emphasis and opinion.
  • In addition, Philosopedia proposes being a primary source for finding names not only of the eminent but also of the not-so-well-known individuals whose philosophic viewpoints have been expressed over the centuries as well as to date.

To learn about the components of philosophy, see major source books Philosopedia will include interviews with living philosophers as well as interviews by individuals who knew them well. Input is invited.