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Popular pages on a wiki site is a dynamic 'Special page' which displays ranking detail statistics of page views for its most popular pages. Here on WikiIndex, we use the popular pages output of wiki sites that we have indexed to determine the wikiFactor (wF) of said wiki site.

Naturally, the popular pages facility is dependent on the software, or ' wiki engine' that powers individual wiki sites. A significant number of wiki engines, particularly the original and early engines, are not capable of generating page view outputs. The following wiki engines below are known to have the ability to output page view data, some as part of its default core software package, others via an additional plugin or extension; though individual wiki sites may elect to include, or not, this feature.

Wiki engines capable of generating popular pages[edit]

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On wiki sites powered by the now ubiquitous MediaWiki wiki engine, the output which displayed the view count of every page on the wiki in its page footer; along with a numerically ranked listing of the most viewed pages on the wiki was found on a special page called Special:PopularPages. This was previously enabled by default as part of the core MediaWiki software package. However, this feature was subsequently disabled within the MediaWiki core with the release of MediaWiki version 1.25 (MW v.1.25), although all hit numbers prior to v1.25 were retained in the database of the individual wiki site. In order to re-enable the Special:PopularPages on a wiki site using MW v.1.25 or later, an additional extension from MediaWiki called HitCounters is required.


'MostPopular' is the specific page name used by PhpWiki to display a listing of page views. Simply add ?MostPopular on the end of the wiki site URL, eg. http://YourWikiURL.org/wiki/?MostPopular.


'PageHits' is what MoinMoin use to display a listing of page views, and although it is included in the core MoinMoin software, the wiki site owner may choose to disable this. To find the required page, add /PageHits at the end of the URL, eg. https://YourWikiURL.org/PageHits.


TikiWiki use the term 'Page Rankings'. Depending on individual wiki site configuration, 'Page Rankings' may available as a direct link from its sidebar, or it might be hidden, in which case, add /tiki-wiki_rankings.php to the end of the root URL, eg. http://YourWikiURL.org/tiki-wiki_rankings.php.


JSPWiki was originally created to mimic MediaWiki, and used identical syntax. Page view statistics were available for original JSPWiki-powered sites, as long as the site owner enabled it. JSPWiki is now owned by Apache Software Foundation, and page view statistics must be enabled via an additional plugin extension, and will then be viewable via 'PageViewStatistics' – specifically https://YourWikiURL.org/Wiki.jsp?page=PageViewStatistics.

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