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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Site retains copyright
Main topic: Education
Wiki Size: 2,613 pages see stats...
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(As of: 17 November 2012)

Rhea is an online learning website developed "for students, by students" at Purdue University. The goal of Rhea is to enable students to teach each other the material they learn as well as the connections between the material, current research and outside applications.

Some Useful Features
  • Latex Equations
  • Syntax Highlighting for Code Display
  • Dropboxes for easy electronic file (e.g., homework) collection or personal file storing
  • Liaisons connecting students with alumni, industry, technology, and research
  • Short cuts for creating course pages and child pages
  • View recent changes for a specific course or a specific category
  • Upload and post multimedia content, including videos
  • Visual text search using Assimi