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Proposal 13-Feb-2006: Authentic language categories[edit]

  • Like this approach: (diff) Template:Wikinews
    • I started that Wikinews list with an all-English list and then realized that each one should be in it's own language, as they are on the main Wikinews site. What I'm not sure about now are duplicates. I replaced the ones I knew, but others I simply duplicated so they're listed both in their own language and also in English. Could someone remove the English ones if they're represented in their own languges? Thanks!
  • you turned links into their native language, from the english version. That is what I like, and would like to move Category Languages on. So for example, the Language: would be Română instead of Romanian
    • I think that's a great idea. Shouldn't be too hard to patrol the english-language versions of these categories to see when people put new wikis in them. Cool! TedErnst | talk 23:14, 20 May 2006 (EDT)

Moved from SwitchWiki

"Pages in this category are wiki description pages for wikis which have some content written in three or more different languages. The wiki may be weighted towards one particular language, but to be placed in this category the wiki should have at least some useful/interesting/entertaining article pages written in three or more different languages. Only two languages? see the BilingualWiki category.
Wikis might have the goal of becoming becoming multilugual. They should not be placed in this category as a way of promoting the idea of becoming multilingual. It is more useful to identify wikis which have acheived this goal (by the above definition)."

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