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Main topic: Programming

"The Python-on-a-Chip (p14p) program consists of the PyMite virtual machine (VM), ports to specific platforms, libraries, tests, tools and documentation. PyMite is a flyweight Python bytecode interpreter written from scratch to execute in low memory on microcontrollers without an operating system. PyMite supports a subset of Python 2.5 and can also be compiled, tested and executed on a desktop computer."

"Python has a reputation for being friendly to beginning programmers. PyMite should appeal to people who are beginning to program microcontrollers. PyMite provides a rapid development language for embedded systems."

Currently "Requires roughly 40 KB program memory and initializes in under 3 KB of RAM".

The Python-on-a-Chip wiki supports PyMite and discusses related topics.

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(This wiki moved in 2009-Apr-16 from a trac wikiengine at to the Google Code at ) (What is the name of the wikiengine used by Google Code? I see it uses MoinMoin wiki syntax ...) As of 2009-12-03, this python-on-a-chip wiki is completely new and empty ...

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