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(As of: DD Month 2013)

QuizMeUp is about sharing quiz questions (wiki of quiz questions). Anyone can contribute a question, or even improve one. In addition, users can use any questions on the site to build their own quizzes. A user doesn't need to invent all the questions in his quiz. Anyone can simply use others' questions in compiling a new quiz. There are quizzes about C language, MySQL, PHP and more The main operations in the QuizMeUp site are:

  • Create a Quiz by Using Community's Questions: Make test, exams & quizzes, Create new questions or use existing and Improve community's questions.
  • Share Your Questions With The Community: Every question can be reused and shared. Quiz can be embedded on blogs or websites.
  • Analyze a Quiz Results: there are instant grading, tracking quiz takers and quiz stats.

Please join us. You will love it!