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The RTAW Reefpedia wiki has been established as an encyclopaedia of reef keeping by the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia (MASA).

Content includes, but certainly not limited to:

  • Beginners Guide - if you are new to the reef keeping hobby, then this is the place to start, helping you to sort through the jungle of information.
  • Fish - information on our vertebrate friends.
  • Coral - information on corals.
  • Other Invertebrates - information on other invertebrates, such as anemones, cucumbers, shrimps, crabs, etc.
  • Algae - information on algae and marine flora.
  • Plants - information on the various types of plants that exist in the marine environment.
  • Water - details on water parameters, what is important, what values should be aimed for, additives, kalkwasser, etc.
  • Equipment - for the gadget lovers out there, who doesn't like hardware?
  • Pests/Diseases - information on diseases (of both Fish and Coral) and general pests.
  • Conservation - a very important part of the hobby, we want the reefs to be there for future generations too.
  • Food/Feeding - as it applies to any livestock within an aquarium
  • Terms/Glossary
  • FAQ - index of the various frequently asked questions spread throughout the RTAW Reefpedia.
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