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Randomness-Guide-to-London-front-page.jpg Randomness Guide to London
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Status: Active
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(As of: 06 May 2013)

The Randomness Guide to London (RGL) is a wiki-based system running on the OpenGuides software. The advantages OpenGuides has over other wiki software are: (1) it uses structured data to make it easy to search on whatever criteria you can think of; (2) it has Google Maps support, so you can view your search results on a map as well as in a list; (3) it knows where things are physically, so you can search for things like all Good Beer Guide pubs that are close to Circle Line Tube stations. As of January 2012, RGL covers an area of 5,122 km2 (1,977 miles2).

Screenshot of an example RGL article

We set up RGL mainly because it lets us and our friends keep track of interesting places in London that we might want to visit. If someone recommends a pub in, say, Kensington, we add it here, including geographical data so the next time we're going to be in the area we can easily get a list of places that we'd fancied checking out.

This isn't intended to replace other great sources of information like Beer in the Evening, or English Wikipedia, or London Eating — you'll see that many of our pages have links to information on those resources. It just lets us gather those links in one place, and tag and categorise them so it's easy to find a pub, restaurant, or cinema that suits our precise needs of the moment.

(We do, of course, have opinions of our own, and you'll find them on this site as well.)