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Main topic: The Chronicles of Rapina

Rapina Wiki is a collaborative website about The Chronicles of Rapina, an on-line fantasy novel found on Asstr.org/~rapina. As of December 23, 2011, the novel is up to 72 chapters and 648,000 words.

Description by the Author[edit]

From Asstr.org/~rapina:

Rapina's story is a swords and sorcery adventure tale that includes adult themes and graphic scenes but is not nonstop erotica.
A young woman (age 15) unwittingly becomes caught up in the plot of vengeance of her sorcerous late aunt against the lecherous reverend who executed her. Yet by the time Rapina becomes a young woman and her Aunt's plot comes to fruition, certain unforeseen events have occurred. What was originally planned as a simple, reversible possession instead leaves Rapina blessed / cursed with the rudimentary powers of a lust spirit and on the run from the Reverend's powerful noble family.

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