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RecentChangesCamp (RCC) was the open space un-conference for the wiki community. Started in 2006 by folks who want to "build communities worth having", both online and off. RecentChangesCamp is rooted in wiki culture. 'Recent changes' is one of the places wiki folk can build community on a wiki, thus the name of the event is a homage to this wiki concept.

The RecentChangesCamp wiki sadly vanished sometime around July 2017. However, as of September 2017, its primary website is still live (though very sparse!), containing the following message:

So long and thanks for all the fish!

If you're interested in reviving this project: @ShakataGaNai

RCC progress was regularly discussed on Etherpad, and although the RCC wiki is now dead, the MeetingWords discussions remain archived for easy access.

Wiki Size: 62 pages see stats...

(As of: 2012-01-23)


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RCC 2006[edit]

This is the wiki for the 2006 RecentChangesCamp meetup in Portland, Oregon February 3-5, 2006. We came together face-to-face to make connections, write code, have fun, revise the CyberneticRoadmap, do as much good work as each and every one of us can … and then went home more connected, more energized and more capable of building great communities and the tools they depend on. Thanks for being there! Next time, bring more friends and join a good party that's growing even better!

2006 attendees[edit]

Participants 2006, Portland