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Rhoda is just so talented. We've sent her hundreds of photos and she manages to capture everyone's expressions and nuances as though they were sitting right in front of her. In addition to caricatures, she's done a bunch of other illustrations. Samples of her work below:

AnneGoldenbergChar.jpg JohnStanton 2.jpg RayKing2Char.jpg EvanProdromouChar.jpg

You find more caricatures in the category:Caricatures.

Usage policy[edit]


For the agreed upon fees, Rhoda will provide caricature and cartoon art for a variety of web and print usage by WikiIndex.org. Name attribution and URL must accompany all uses of the artwork. The following credit lines are suggested:

art by Rhoda Grossman. www.DigitalPainting.com.
caricatures by Rhoda Grossman. DigitalPainting.com.

The books[edit]

Fun with Photoshop Elements 3.jpg

Rhoda wrote the book Fun with Photoshop Elements 3 in 2005, which teaches you how to do caricatures and the like. In 1997, she wrote Photoshop Effects Magic, and more recently coauthored (with Sherry London) Photoshop 6 Effects Magic and Painter f/x and Design.


Rhoda teaches digital art and graphic design at the Center for Electronic Art in San Francisco, and at the Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. She still does on-the-spot caricature at events. Rhoda is a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, the San Francisco Society of Illustrators, and the National Caricaturists Network. In recent years, she played a role in creating fair tax regulations for artists in California.

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