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Founded by: unknown
Status: Active
Language: Indonesian
Edit mode: ByInvitation
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution
Main topic: Genealogy
Backups: 2022-09-12

Rodovid wiki site in the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia).

Wiki size: 51 article pages see stats

(As of: 2022-11-08)

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Rodovid is primarily a free English language wiki site for genealogy, with sibling language projects in French,[1] Dutch,[2] Ukranian,[3] Russian,[4] Portuguese,[5] Polish,[6] Indonesian,[7] Italian,[8] and more smaller or defunct versions, together with their 'engine' wiki at Rodovid Engine.[9]

Rodovid is a free multilingual family tree portal. It has been designed and developed for people interested in their own family history and for those with an interest in the histories of royal families and famous people. The name Rodovid comes from the Ukrainian word Rodovid, which means 'lineage, genealogy'.

Rodovid uses state-of-the-art family tree building technology to organize genealogical information on living and deceased relatives, and the relationships among them, into a cohesive family tree. Rodovid's engine for building family trees is probably the most advanced on-line technology to date.

Rodovid is open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to contribute information and publish it on this website at any time. Rodovid is based on the MediaWiki Content Management System. It allows users to create their own pages, edit pages created by other users, start discussion pages, and so on.

Rodovid is maintained by a group of enthusiasts in Kyiv, Ukraine.


A very important aspect to note about Rodovid wiki sites is that they all run on an extremely old and long 'obsolete' version of MediaWiki, namely MediaWiki 1.9.3, which was originally released 20 February 2007; and Rodovid have zero problems with spam or vandalism!

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