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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Main topic: Genetics
Wiki size: 25,306 article pages see stats

(As of: 13 November 2012)

SNPedia is a wiki investigating human genetics. We share information about the effects of variations in DNA, citing peer-reviewed scientific publications.

SNPedia has been launched to help realize the potential of the Human Genome Project to connect to our daily lives and well-being. Our genes are important, and the variations in them help define our uniqueness. Yet at the same time they help forge links between us, as many of us carrying certain variations find ourselves facing similar medical issues.

SNPedia is based on a wiki model, in order to foster communication about genetic variation and to allow interested community members to help it evolve to become ever more relevant. We anticipate that as the cost of genotyping (and especially of fully determining your own genomic sequence) continues to drop, we'll all want to know more - a lot more - about the meaning of these DNA variations. And SNPedia will be here to help.

It uses the MediaWiki software with the Semantic MediaWiki plugin.