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Main topic: Philosophy


The aim of this wiki is to provide materials relating to the non-religious projection of the Sufi Way into the modern-day West by the likes of Idries Shah.

Rather than merely being a source of historical and academic information, the emphasis will be directed more toward life experience and insights gained through first-hand involvement in the Sufi Way, parallel traditions and spin-off enterprises and activities, many of which are not recognizably sufi. Thus, providing materials are in some way linked with the philosophy and aims of the wiki, these materials may relate -- for example -- to such diverse fields as science, technology, education, action-philosophy, spirituality, psychology and personal development; cognition, consciousness, intuition, fostering creativity and creative works themselves.

To actively contribute in this development or to browse the wiki, feel free to visit SarmouniWiki. The server is online from 11:00 to 23:00 hours UK time every day. InterestingFeature: Limited hours of operation.