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Founded by: Scott Moonen
Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: ReadOnly
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Main topic: Personal
Wiki size: 142 article pages see stats

(As of: 2009-08-30 –

Scott Moonen wiki started as a personal wiki for Scott Moonen. The wiki was used mostly as a personal scratchpad. "Perhaps eventually I'll make it more weblog-ish, maybe experimenting a little bit with combining the wiki and weblog genres. I'm the editor of AndStuffWiki; see my home page there, andstuff:ScottMoonen, for more about me. My email address is"[1]

This wiki eventually evolved to contain the same subject matter as Scott's earlier defunct wiki AndStuff. Ultimately, this particular wiki also became defunct sometime after June 2009. Its URL now redirects to Scott's personal WordPress blog, itself rather dormant.

See also
  • AndStuff — a former personal wiki used by Scott for discussing world-views