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Scribblewikilogo.jpg ScribbleWiki
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: Wiki farm founder
(founder and CTO, etc)
Owner / CEO: Linger Media Company
Engine: MediaWiki
Farm topic: Wiki farm topic
Status: Dead

ScribbleWiki was a wiki farm, founded 2007 in Vancouver, Canada, that announced permanent closure of the service due to a server crash, and claimed failure of their (unnamed) backup service, to provide them with a backup. (29th Sept 2008) (The blog has since deleted all the comments made during the crisis, but some recollections may be found here  [dead link] at Lumeniki.)

People who want their own wiki should bear in mind that such disasters can happen. (MediaWiki backup instructions can be found here.)

ElWiki was another wiki farm that no longer seems to be available. Many free-of-cost MediaWiki wiki farms are still in service; including: Referata, Wiki-Site, Wikia, and

The begining of the end[edit]

From the official ScribbleWiki blog, via

Wikis Down
July 29th, 2007

Hey Wiki Owners,

The wiki is down right now but we are working on it should only be an hour longer.

Posted by Simon Filed.

Wikis completely or partially archived[edit]

Some of the wikis hosted in ScribbleWiki[edit]

Last list of wikis (probably incomplete) from the Internet Archive WaybackMachine at as of October 2007: